Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I hosted a few web sites at WebHost4Life and had a bad experience with them. My biggest complaint was the fact that their advertising was intentionally misleading and a lot of what they claimed that you got you didn't get and had to pony up extra for it. My second biggest complaint was that their support was useless and outsourced (Philippines I think) to people who couldn't understand or speak English.

I was amused to read this comment by the creator of chat-o-licious:

www.webhost4life.com has shut down my account due to the tremendous turnout from digg.com users. They demanded I upgrade my account, and told me the 'unlimited bandwidth' clause did not account for this kind of traffic.

Thanks to all the digg'ers who stopped by. Remember this the next time you're looking for a host.

This ties in directly with my experience.

My advice: stay away from webhost4life.

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