Friday, January 9, 2009

Learning jQuery

I've been trying to get into jQuery for a while now and last time I took a look at it I blogged some jQuery Select Notes here. I've now started working throught a book called JavaScript: The Missing Manual by David Sawyer McFarland. The second half of this book is about jQuery and is by far the best resource that I've found for learning jQuery. I'm usually not a fan of books (because they normally aren't that great) and would rather find it on the web but this book is truly amazing and I would encourage anyone learning jQuery to get it.

Javascript: The Missing Manual

Why I like this book so much:

  1. He explains each concept clearly and unambiguously.
  2. He doesn't assume that you remembered what you read in a previous chapter so when he brings up the same concept he will repeat it briefly so that you don't have to page back and re-read that part but he also gives you a page number in case you want to.
  3. He has samples that you can download which included hands-on labs while working through the book as well as the completed pages.
  4. The samples are good. They cover realistic pages and code that you are highly likely to need.

Enough gushing about this book already, back to learning jQuery...

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