Monday, December 21, 2009

Vertical Wireless Router

While I was researching the buying of a new wireless router I read a customer review comment on a router that said something about a particular router/model that would overheat if left in the horizontal position which would cause connections to be dropped. This intrigued me because my router/modem/wireless access point has always lived in the horizontal position and is prone to rebooting when a wireless device connects to it. So my theory is that more of this device is in use when a wireless device is connected to it so it might get hotter.
Could this be the problem with the flaky wireless that I have?
Well after reading that I tried standing the router vertically and have been aggressivley using the wireless and so far (a couple of days) we have had no disconnects. The evidence points to the overheating in the horizontal position, so far. The jury is still out on this one though because I know as well as anyone else that this could be a fluke and we may return to flakiness in the near future. I'll update this post in a couple of months with more info.

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