Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Number of TFS checkins

I was trying to work out how many times I have checked code into TFS for each project that I've worked on in a given date range. I still haven't managed to work out how to break it down by project but did get the total count.

  • Ran Team Foundation Sidekicks.
  • On History tab select my User name in the drop down.
  • Clicked the "Save list to file" button.

Problem with this CSV list is that I have line breaks in many of the comments so it's not a true CSV file.

  • Using Notepad++
  • Ctrl+F for search and change the Search Mode to Regular Expression.
  • Enter "^\d+," without quotes in the Find what field.
  • Click the "Find all in Current Document" or the "Count" button to get the number of lines with that pattern.

That will be the number of items that you checked in.

The regex ^\d+, can be roughly interpreted as find all lines starting with (^) a string of one or more numbers (\d+) and ending with a comma (,).

This is probably one of the most unwieldy and ugliest solutions to a problem I have recently come up with. Also, I haven't managed to work out how to breakdown check-ins by project. Any ideas?

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