Wednesday, September 16, 2015

No Website Needed

I have a friend who's an architect. He does bespoke designs for shops and houses. He's never had a website and he says that's one of his unique-selling-points (USP) when talking to a customer.

Apparently the conversation goes something like this:

Customer: "I searched the web and I couldn't find your website or anything else about you."
Architect: "The only reason that we're talking now is because someone, probably an existing client, recommended me to you. I only do work through referrals and I find that I have more work than I can cope with."

In his response he's implying that he's that good that he doesn't have to advertise. According to him that's a very powerful sales pitch during the initial consultation with a future client. A website, he feels, would not allow him to use that line in closing a sale.

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