Thursday, September 7, 2017

The Architectural Decision is Wrong

Every architectural decision we make today will be wrong at some point in the future.

It will be wrong for one of two reasons:

  1. Information we didn't know at the time we made the decision.
  2. Technology that's changed or become available since then.

This also goes for the technology stack that you choose.

When you make your decision, list all of the reasons why you're taking that path. Do it in your Jira or GitHub Issues (or Whatever tracking system) in the first post or description of the ticket.

Copy/paste the top of this blog post that includes the two numbered points into the bottom of the description and stop wasting anymore time on this. This is a reminder that it's going to be wrong one day.

Months later when you can't remember why you made this decision you can revisit this ticket and make notes about what you could have done at that time to make a different decision if needed. Or perhaps that was the best decision you could have made at that time.

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