Sunday, May 17, 2009

Unable to reach NetBIOS name

Just been trying to troubleshoot why I couldn't ping any of the other computers on my network from one of my laptops. I still haven't fully solved the problem but I've managed to get the piece of software to work that I needed to get to work by following an excellent tip from amcmillan after asking "Can ping machine by IP but not by name" on the new Server Fault web site. The tip was a link to this Microsoft troubleshooting guide.
Here is my markedup flowchart that has got me to the next step:

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  1. I'm running into this issue with a single XP machine here at work (I do IT for an Oil & Gas company). Going to follow your chart and see what I can get sorted out. Hoping to resolve without a reformat...the user would be a little mad if I had to do that lol!
    Great chart! Cheers!