Saturday, October 24, 2009


The genius behind NinjaCamp recently sent me a link to 10/GUI. I try and follow the zero Inbox policy but for him I made an exception and allowed this email to languish in my Inbox so that I could take a relaxed 10 minutes out of the weekend to watch what he was so abuzz about. I have to agree with him, this is an amazing concept and I want one now.

From what I can work out this is as simple as a touch pad with up to 10 points that are recognized by it. Instead of the mouse you have a surface lying in front of the keyboard that will understand all your fingers including the motions now recognized by hand held devices such as the Android and iPhone.

The only thing missing, and I think this is just a matter of time, is for a keyboard to appear on there. If there were keys that could quickly inflate themselves on this device when you needed a keyboard and then disappear when you wanted the touch pad that would be the ultimate human interface.

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