Sunday, October 20, 2013

Facebook should introduce a clothes tagging feature

The next big feature that Facebook should bring out is clothes tagging. This will allow parents to tag clothes that they've given to friends' kids and track how many times they've been passed on. Recipients of clothes can give clothe-tag-thanks to those who gave the clothes as a gift or a hand-me-down.

The data collected from the clothes lineage (assuming you can identify the label) could be used to calculate the hardiness of the clothes and manufacturing quality. The more kids that were able to wear the same t-shirt or shorts will be the ultimate vote in quality. You could also determine which kid treats their clothes the roughest if there's no lineage from them onwards.

This will also help track when friends and siblings don't return clothes they borrowed. Tag that blouse in a photo of you on Facebook and then link-tag it in your your sister's photo. The public humiliation will ensure that she returns it to you.

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