Thursday, April 17, 2008

Experts Exchange

One of the things that constantly frustrates me when looking for answers to programming questions via Google is that one of the top answers that will be listed will be on Experts Exchange but I can't get to see it because it's a paid site and I won't subscribe because I've heard too many stories about how the quality of the answers is worse than the answers given on free boards. Why pay for something that's worse than something that's free?

Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky have created a new web site called StackOverflow that is going to compete with sites such as Experts Exchange. This is fantastic news. These guys are talented individuals who write well and I'm sure will pull off a great site with good information and a great way to get to that information. Jeff is on the west coast and Joel on the east coast and they chat to each other weekly and record their conversations which appear as podcasts on the same site. Very cool!

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