Sunday, June 22, 2008

Improving Hauppauge Wireless Performance

My Hauppauge MediaMVP has been pausing every few seconds when I've been using it over wireless, basically an apparent bandwidth problem. If I hard wire it to the network then it gets rid of the problem. Recently I needed to use it wirelessly again and so I had to solve the problem. I tried a few things but nothing worked until I changed the Wireless Channel from 6 to 11. As soon as that was done it started operating very smoothly and without the previous jerkiness.

This blog post serves 2 purposes: (1) To record and remind me how I fixed the problem and (2) to ask any reader if they know why changing the Wireless Channel from 6 to 11 would solve the problem?

Other settings that I have on my wireless access point are:

Wireless Network Type: 802.11g Only
No encryption

1 comment:

  1. Would that be because channel 6 is the default for many wireless routers, and you are sharing channel 6 with other neighboring wireless networks ?
    Switching to channel 11 probably worked because not many wireless routers in your "wireless-range" were using that channel.