Saturday, June 28, 2008

VS2008 bugs

Here are a few bugs that I've found so far with Visual Studio 2008:

  • If you have a lot of files open and you quickly hit Ctrl+F4 in succession then there's a good chance that you will crash VS2008. This sometimes happens when you click on the menus Window -> Close All Documents.
  • Sometimes I'm in a unit test and I quickly want to debug/run it so I hit Ctrl+R, Ctrl+T but it doesn't run. I then check the menu items at Test -> Debug -> Tests in Current Context and see that this item on the menu is disabled. I then have to fiddle about with the project jumping from file to file and keep on checking back and then it magically becomes enabled. I haven't worked out what the magic combination of moving around the project is that enables this yet...
  • When I set the browser to Firefox and debug a web app through Cassini then VS2008 doesn't terminate debugging when I exit Firefox. My options are then Shift+F5 to manually stop it or to right click on the Cassini icon in the Tray and select Stop.

21 July 2007: I think I've solved the second problem - where I can't debug a unit test sometimes. I think that this happens when the project's solution is read-only because it hasn't been checked out of source control.

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  1. Installed SP1 for VS2008 yesterday so will keep an eye on these bugs to see if any of them "go away."