Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Age Analyzer

As part of the text classification work that I do I follow the uClassify blog who have just release a new web site called Age Analyzer. which guesses the age of the author of a blog. I plugged in the URL of this site and it guessed me in the 26-35 bracket. This would be flattering if you were to look at me but I find it insulting that my writing is considered this immature. It should have put me in the 36-50 bracket.

My friend Rob Manderson's eloquent prose has aged his Ultramaroon Rises Again blog in the 65-100 range (I'm sure you're not that old Rob). Dan Esparza's Esta Nublado puts him at a very young 18-25, and Bill Brown's New Clarion puts him in the 65-100 bracket while his bblog looks a little more accurate at 26-35.


  1. Three things: 1) I am 35, 2) The New Clarion has 10 authors, the oldest of which is I believe 53, and 3) it said that Found on the Web was 18-25. I think it just makes up a number based on how many words it finds.

  2. Well you could take solace in the fact that I'm 29 and the age analyzer thinks I could be overdue for the afterlife (supposing there is one).
    "The AgeAnalyzer thinks is written by someone 65-100 years old"

  3. Tough break Cyril :)

  4. Not quite that old but closer than I'd like. I'm 55 but I can see how the agealyzer would add a decade or more :-)