Saturday, November 7, 2009

Up or down for version number on C# 4.0?

Not sure if you were up-to-speed on the compiler version numbering that's been used with C# but just in case you weren't this is what version number the compiler calls itself when run from the \windows\\framework\ folders...

We went from version 7 to 8 and then to 3.5...
That's not the most logical progression of numbers that I've ever seen. I haven't installed the C# 4.0 beta compiler yet so I don't know what the version number will be. My thinking is that if I ever went for a job interview with Microsoft I am definitely going to find out what it is because on that job IQ test they'll have a number progression question and it will be what comes after 7, 8, 3.5 __ and I will then know the answer.

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