Friday, November 6, 2009

JavaScript library management in browsers

Yesterday Google introduced its Closure Tools which includes its Closure Library. Google's AJAX Libraries API page lists a bunch of common JavaScript libraries which include jQuery, Prototype, Scriptaculous, MootTools, Dojo, SWFObject (never heard of this one), and YUI.

One of the advantages of using Google's content distribution network (CDN) for JavaScript libraries is that if someone visiting your site had previously visited another site which used the same JavaScript library from Google's CDN then that library will already be cached and your site will load faster. This is great but I believe that things could be even better. The problem is that you might be using a different CDN to other sites and will not benefit from this caching.

Browsers should be able to manage a library of common JavaScript libraries along with their versions. Your JavaScript code should be able to ask for a particular library and version and the browser should have had it installed when the browser was installed or if released after the initial installation then installed with regular browser updates.

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