Friday, July 26, 2013

OSCON Clientside MVC

The Clientside MVC page on the OSCON site

Tom Cully (BigCommerce Ltd Pty)
11:50am Friday, 07/26/2013

Clientside MVC provides:
- scalability
- clientside apps exist mostly as static assets allowing greater use of CDN tech

SEO Problem
- webcrawlers and other automated clients that don't run JS
- implementing graceful degradation is possible...
- only early solutions exist e.g. Mozart Concerto

BigCommerce created Mozart to address their deficiencies in the other MVC frameworks. Mozart is written in CoffeeScript.

BigCommerce currently have their Operation Slick running in A/B testing with a 60% probability that a customer will get it at this point.

Mozart Demos

HTML5 Unreal Engine

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