Wednesday, July 24, 2013

OSCON JavaScript Framework Face Off

The JavaScript Framework Face Off page on the OSCON site.

Nathaniel Schutta (
1:40pm Wednesday, 07/24/2013

The Seven Frameworks

Going to discuss three frameworks.

MIT is the most popular license for these.
The code is on GitHub.

Library vs. Framework is mostly semantic but....
Library works in existing code.
Framework forces you to work with them.

1. Backbone.js
Likes: small because there's no UI stuff
Designed for MVC JS applications
Has models, events, collections, views, controllers, persistence
Influenced by Ruby on Rails
Data lives in models instead of DOM
Changes to models trigger change events, views are notified.
Code structure: multiple files get confusing but can do in one file.
Event wiring kept in a single JSON data structure.
Doesn't take over the entire application
MIT license

2. Knockout.js
Likes: small, no dependencies
Supports all browsers
Uses declarative binding
Built in templates
Works with jQuery
Built by a Microsoft employee

3. Angular.js
Made by Google
Shim to make-up for the fact that browsers don't support apps
Declarative binding
dependency injection
Custom attributes: ng-
data binding updates view or model automatically
controllers abstracting away the dom
supports linking and bookmarking
includes form validation
xhr wrapper: promises and exception handling
supports creating components via directives
supports localization
strong focus on testing, chrome, jasmine plugins
works with other libraries
documentation is excellent
MIT licenses

Help selecting an MVC JavaScript framework:

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