Friday, July 26, 2013

OSCON The Google Open Source Update

The Google Open Source Update page on the OSCON site.

Chris DiBona (Google, Inc.), Shawn Pearce (Google), Carol Smith (Google, Inc.)
11:00am Friday, 07/26/2013

A bunch of updates around Google's summer of code. I attended this because of the Git Update in the schedule.

Git Dev over last year
- 3,037 commits
- release about every 6 weeks
- 248 contributors

Hosting Linux Kernel
- time taken is 2m30s to clone Linux Kernel from google's hosted servers
- GitHub takes 5m37s
- takes around 6m

Google has improved speed by changing the algorithm.

JGit 3.0 ("jgit debug-gc")
Gerrit Code Review 2.6 ("gerrit gc")

Android OS project
548 repos

Gerrit Code Review appears to be a competitor to GitHub but perhaps only for an intranet. Not sure if it's hosted.

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